Puri & Subjy

Today I made some puri & subjy. My friends how to make puri do you know, I will share my experiment.



Take two cup wheatflour add little salt with water and mix together finely. Make into small balls and using a chapathi roller make it into a plain sheet usinng a circular cutter cut out small or big circles.Turn on the stove . Fill up a pan with lots of oil and drop the citcular dough into it. Cook it on both sides until it reaches a golden brown colour.Take it out of the pan and remobe excess oil by placing it on tissue paper.


Take two potatoes and boil them with the skin on in a pressure cooker for a couple of whistles.

Now peal the skins of the boiled potatoes.Mash them into small lumps. Take a couple of onions and peel of their skins . Dice them into small pieces. Take some green chillies,jeera,small pieces of gingers and put them in a small bowl and crush them finely. Take a pan and place it on the burner. Pour some oil into it and after the oil gets hot add the diced onion and mix it well . Add the ginger and chilly mix into it. Then add some corriander powder and mix it well. Then add the mashed potatoes into the pan. Add some salt and water. When the potatoes are cooked well add some corriander leaves on top. Turn off the burner and serve it into a dish.If you like spicy food you can add some pepper into the sabjy.

Busy Kitten

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The blessing of the house is contentment

The glory of the house is hospitality

The crown of the house is godliness.

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